Pascal Prinsen

My name is Pascal Prinsen and I’m a personal trainer, lifestyle- and online coach.

In a distant past as a teenager, I was too skinny to be approved for the military. Since then, I decided to start lifting weights. I have made a lot of mistakes and have learned a lot from it; mistakes that you won’t have to make.

A couple of years ago I started to increasingly doubt the fitness industry and I found out that the correct knowledge is scarce. Because of this, I’ve started to do the research myself in order to distinguish myths from facts, and I use this knowledge to underpin why something works or doesn’t.


After working in the military for 9 great years, I decided to fully focus on training and coaching.

In the past years I spent a lot of time obtaining knowledge and experience. Through following science-based courses (Henselmans PT course and Chivo), I’ve attained the correct knowledge to increase both physical, as well as the mental skills of my clients. This isn’t solely done through improving the physical composition, but also overall health, sports performance, the (disrupted) relationship with nutrition, and creating a positive body image.


My own transformation: 2013 vs 2019


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