What does the personal training process look like?

The intake

During the intake, we’ll be looking at your desires. What do you want to change and why?  What makes it important and what are the obstacles?

Next up, we’ll be looking if I can assist you with this.


Without a good intake, I won’t be able to tell what works and what doesn’t. It would be an elimination proces instead of coaching.


“An optimal plan which you’re not able to stick to, is not an optimal plan.”


The workout

Every workout will be 60 minutes long. During these workouts we’ll be performing exercises that suit your needs the best. The workouts are diverse, and there is a balance between intensity, fun, and result.



Lifestyle coaching

Lifestyle is the collective for all of the behaviour that affects your health. Most people workout for 2 hours per week, that means that there’s 166 hours left in the week. What do you do during all those remaining hours? Those hours determine how high your success rate is going to be.


You’ll learn how to deal with temptation. A surrounding that provokes over-eating, inactivity, and lack of sleep will be the biggest challenge.


How to look differently at nutrition; a diet mindset will breach your autonomy. Not constantly counting your calories and eating without guilt. This makes it so you’re not dieting, but living your life!

This can be a difficult task to accomplish. Luckily there are ways to change, without limiting yourself all too much.




You’ll be coached to transform bad habits into healthy habits, in order to change your behaviour.

To support you in increasing your success rate, we’ll have contact moments outside of the physical workouts. This can be through e-mail, WhatsApp, and by phone.


Nutrition is an important aspect in reaching the majority of the goals. Because of this, we’ll pay a lot of attention to nutrition during the process.

Nutrition has a strong relationship with behaviour and lifestyle. There’s much more that comes to play than just following nutritional advice. To change your diet, you’ll have to change as a person.


You’ll receive a personalised meal app, which will tailor to your needs and goal(s).



To persevere it is important that the new habits cost no more effort. Everybody is capable of starting, but in the end, it’s all about perseverance!


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