Gepersonaliseerde voedingsapp

Do you want to lose weight but struggle with cooking meals for yourself? Are the recipes on the internet too complicated and take too long to prepare? Counting your calories?


All of this is such a hassle. And what about a strict diet?


Often times, they’re practically impossible to carry out since you’re assigned meals instead of choosing the meals yourself. This is all in the past with this unique meal app that will be tailored specifically to you.


Lose weight? Shred fat? Gain muscle mass? Eat healthier? Your goals are within reach!


Put delicious meals on the table for you, and your family within 5 to 10 minutes, all while losing fat and reaching your fitness goals


What makes it easy to keep up with this app?

  • Choose what you want to eat: Delicious meals based on your personal needs

  • Quickly create a meal with individual products you already have at home

  • Not counting any calories

  • Still have the ability to go dining with friends and have a drink or two, without feeling guilty. This can be set up in the app.


No rigid diet with a lot of limitations and off-limits products. Maximise satisfaction and minimalize limitations in your diet.


Reach your fitness goals without counting even 1 calorie


What’s so special about this app in regards to other diets   

Most diets consist of separate ingredients: 200 grams of vegetables, 40 grams of rice, 10 mL of oil, and 200 grams of chicken.

It’s difficult to create a delicious meal which you want to eat on a daily basis.

The personalized meal app consists of complete recipes, which will be sculpted based on your goals. They offer way more variety and flavour.


Will I be able to add variety myself?

Most definitely, you’ll receive a food swap list which you can use to change the ingredients.


What if my progress stagnates?

Je kunt binnen de afname van de app onbeperkt updates ontvangen. Bij een update worden je macro’s opnieuw berekend aangepast aan jouw doelstelling, zodat je maximaal resultaat blijft halen.


For how long will I be able to follow this app?

In theory you’ll be able to use the app for as long as you like. After roughly 6-8 weeks you’ll have to update your total calorie intake in order to keep getting the maximal result.


Here is an example for a lunch meal straight from the app http:/


At the moment the app is only in dutch available, the English version is coming soon!


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