Customized nutrition plan

The modern-day perception of the word “diet” is a lot different than earlier times. With the term “diatia”, the ancient Greeks implied “A way of life”. Not a term for survival to lose fat in a short period of time, what people nowadays think the term implies.


Ask yourself the question: “Can I keep up with this diet for the rest of my life?”. Is the answer no? Then there’s room for improvement.


The best diet is a diet which you’re able to keep up with. I can assist you with this.


    It’s important to know that nutrition has a strong relation with behaviour and lifestyle. There’s a lot more that comes to play than just following nutritional advice.

    To change your diet, you should change as a person


    Learn the basics of nutrition. What does your body need? How do you lose weight? What diet fits you the best? How do you create a better connection with your body and regulate satiety better; to lose weight for instance?