Online coaching

You’re not reliant on a schedule to meet your personal trainer, no travel times, no specific location, and the ability to contact your coach at any given moment. That is what online coaching is all about.




What can you expect?

  • Scientifically proven; based on scientific principles which are tested and effective.

  • Up-to-date coaching; I’ll be using your daily progression to keep optimising your program.

What do you receive?

  1. An extensive workout program, based on a series of tests which we’ll be performing at the start of the process
  2. A nutrition plan based on the macronutrients which fit your physical demands, goals, and preference. All of this, including a complete meal plan through a useful app.

  3. Weekly contact through a call
  4. Unlimited contact with email and WhatsApp


 “Everybody is different and every body is different’’


My workout programs are not the standard one-size-fits-all plans. Instead, my programs are finetuned based on your individual goals.

Want to give a specific muscle some extra attention? Or do you want to intentionally not train a certain muscle at all? Every goal deserves an individualized program.


A big part of the process is your desired level of effort. Don’t want to give up your entire social life to work on your physical appearance? No problem, our focus is towards sustainable progression. It won’t be a race in which you’ll have to work out seven times a week and are forced to eat broccoli five times a day.


Your exercises and intensity will be tuned to:

  • Your personal goals

  • Your gender: women shouldn’t be training the same way as men

  • Your training experience: advanced lifters need a different stimulus than beginning lifters

  • Your lifestyle: nutrition, stress, and quality of sleep will determine your rate of recovery. This will in term determine what is optimal for you.



An ‘optimal’ program which you’re not able to stick to, is not an optimal program. 


With the online coaching program, you get all the personal assistance you’re looking for.


  • Flexibility and more knowledge: You can ask unlimited questions to your coach! From Monday to Friday unlimited question and answer through mail (within 24 hours you’ll receive an answer).

  • Weekly updates to your program.

  • Technical analysis: You can send in videos of your exercise technique, which you’ll receive feedback for.



Have any questions or interest in one of my services? Contact me by filling in the contact form below. If you have not received a response within 24 hours, check your spam folder first.