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The past year I’ve decided to start training with Pascal. I don’t regret a single second of this decision…

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I’ve asked Pascal if he wanted to assist me during my military service in Afghanistan

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Working out with Pascal gives me a lot of energy and has gotten me to take my physical goals as serious as my business goals…

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Because of Pascal’s coaching, I’ve quickly noticed improvement…


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Working with Pascal is really pleasant. He is an open person who wants to help you achieve your goal(s)...

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Google Reviews

“Pascal is a great personal trainer that really cares for your progression, and knows how to hit the right tone to keep me motivated. He’ll give you 100% attention during the sessions and makes the workouts challenging.”

Erik van der Niet

'''If personal approach and motivation is what your looking for in a personal training, then Pascal is the very right coach for you. He is very knowledgeable, well-read and approaches working out from a scientific point of view. With his approach and training, Pascal has helped me to improve my quality of life and make sports a favorite habit. I will definitely come back to train with him more!''

Zlata Kedich

“We followed Pascal after he started Alpha Athletics, and all the good has stayed! Pascal is always ready, enthusiastic, and tireless. He’s a good listener, asks what you want to work on, and will give you professional instruction and advice. Also knowledgeable on the subject of nutrition, recovery, and is keen on avoiding injuries. A trainer with an emphasis on ‘personal’. Strongly recommended!”

Marnix van Uhl

“I’ve been training with Pascal for a while now, a very professional coach and trainer! Goal- and result-oriented. With the help of my coach Pascal, I’ve lost 24 kilos which I’m very happy with! He provides varying and challenging workouts. Always very enthusiastic and driven, which will have you motivated more and more to keep on going. He’s also very flexible. In short, DEFINITELY recommend him!!”

Hassna El

''Personal training is never an easy decision. You push yourself, you sweat like hell & you are getting exhausted continuously. Pascal is a real professional that drives you through this difficult path. At the end of every training you feel totally re-generated. It is always a pleasure to work with people like Pascal that can expand your limits. Truly professional with clear target focus. Always a pleasure to work with him!''

Manolis Petroulias

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